How do you clean up and dispose the old roofing?

Before we begin tearing off we take precautions to protect the landscaping by covering everything in harms way with tarps. We either lay tarps on the ground or stretch them down off the roof and over your landscaping. Some times plywood is leaned against the house for added protection where needed. On roofs that are easily walked upon, we tear off and carry the old shingles to the spot where the truck or dumpster is parked and toss the shingles in! Very little debris ever hits the ground!  If the job takes more than one day to complete the site  is cleaned daily. When the work is completed we do a final thorough cleanup. We run a magnet through the yard and drive way to get stray nails, rake up the smaller roof particles and clean out the gutters. Things the homeowner can do to help are, Make sure the grass is mowed, make sure leaves are raked so stray nails don’t nestle down in them. Have bushes and trees trimmed for easy access to your roof. We know you take pride in your home and we will too.

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