How much will it cost?

Peterson roofing charges on a per 100 square feet or “square” basis. Many factors determine the price of the roof. How steep, how big, how many stories, how many layers need to be torn off, how easy is access to your roof, what type of shingle, is there a need for wood replacement etc.? The average 2 bedroom 1 story home, not steep, tear off 1 layer and re-roof, 30 year shingle with easy access to the roof costs around $5000.00.  We charge fairly and honestly with all our customers and do not take advantage of any one. There are many unassuming people who have the misfortune of hiring the first contractor that shows up. The contractor, many times, is a high pressure salesman that tries to get as much money as he can with no regard for the various factors involved in estimating your roof. Rest assured that Peterson Roofing will only estimate on a” per square” basis and only for the work required. Peterson Roofing offers senior citizens discounts.

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