Which shingle do I choose?

Good question. There are so many I have trouble keeping up with them myself! The main thing is choose a shingle that has at least a 30 year warranty. Also in the rare instance you have a problem with your roof, you want a company that will stand behind it. We use shingles made only by quality manufacturers. There are standard 30 year shingles, dimensional shingles, also called laminated or architectural shingles or simulated wood shake shingles and many “designer” shingles. The dimensional shingles have a rougher look and generally come with a better warranty. There are 30 year through lifetime warranties in the dimensional shingles. The weight of the shingles usually go up accordingly with the length of the shingle warranty. There are wood, slate, simulated slate, concrete, metal, clay tile, simulated clay tile, WHEW! The list goes on and on. Now days, most home owners choose  30 year laminated shingles. If you have a reputable contractor install your new roof he can help you select the right roof for you.

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